The 2nd meeting of the executive committee of the DBT funded project "Establishment of Bioinformatics Facility for Biology Teaching through Bioinformatics” was held on 19th January, 2016. Following members of the Executive Committee attended the meeting-

# Name Designation Committee Designation
1. Dr. Pramod Kumar pandey Dean COF CAU Chairman
2. Dr. A. D. Upadhyay Assistant Professor & Co-ordinator BIF Project, COFCAU Member Secretary
3. DBT Representative Associate Prof DBT Member
4. Dr. Surajit Basak Assistant Professor & Coordinator, BIF Centre, Tripura University Member
5. Dr. A.B. Patel Associate Prof & MS CRAC, COF, CAU Member
6. Dr. A. K. Roy Co-Coordinator, BIF Centre, COF, CAU Member

The agenda of the meeting were :-

» Brief introduction about BIF Centre by the Chairman.

» Presentation of the progress report by Dr. A.D. Upadhyay, Coordinator of the project.

» Queries/replies on the presentation

» Discussions.

» Suggestions/Recommendations of the committee.

» Visit to BIF Centre.

In addition to queries and the discussion, several observations and recommendations of the committee are mentioned below-

» All the positions of the projects it to be filled as soon as possible.

» The request for DELCON service and NKN is to be send with proper justification.

» The softwares and website developed should be made operational.

» Apply for NKN connectivity with proper justification.

» The coordinators need put more efforts on need based training and research.

» Efforts are to be made on utilization of available software and databases in the BIF centre.

Some images from the meeting

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