# Item Specifications Quantity
1 A.S.F.A Searching and Educational tool for Aquatic Sciences 5
2 Server OS Windows Server 2012 Data Center 1
3 Microsoft Office Microsoft Office 2016 10
4 Application Developer Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2015 1
5 Server Microsoft Windows Server Standard 2012R2 1

Open Source

# Item Specifications
1 Ubuntu 14.10 Free Source Operating System
2 BioEdit Sequence allignment editor
3 CLUSTAL Omega Structural and fuctional analysis study of structures
4 MEGA Phylogenetic analysis study
5 PHYLIP A free computational phylogenetics package of programs for inferring evolutionary trees (phylogenies).
6 R.3.1.2. To use in genome biology study
7 NTSYS Can be used to discover pattern and structure in multivariate data