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Currently there are six departments in the college,the brief information regarding each is laid under :

Department of Aquatic Health & Environment (AHE)
Brief overview of the Department:

The ‘Department of Aquatic Health and Environment’ under the College of Fisheries, Lembucherra started functioning since the inception of the college in 1998. The department was initially named as ‘Fish Diseases & Environmental Monitoring Department’ and later on renamed twice as ‘Department of Fish Health and Environment’ and ‘Department of Aquatic Animal Health and Environment, respectively. It was only during 2014 that the present name was adopted. The department has been involved in imparting UG teaching in the areas of two distinct disciplines namely ‘Aquatic Animal Health Management’ and ‘Aquatic Environment Management’ comprising a total of 15 courses as per Fifth Dean’s Committee recommendation. It has been offering Masters’ (since 2007) and PhD programmes (since 2016) in the discipline of ‘Aquatic Animal Health’. The department is also mandated with carrying out research in frontier areas of ‘Aquatic Animal Health’ and ‘Environment’ besides conducting training and other extension interventions for the end users.

Key Achivements of the Department:

  • The department of Aquatic Health and Environment has been awarded with a grant of Rs 116.72 lakhs by NFDB, Hyderabad for ‘Setting up of Aquatic Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL)’, intended to provide diagnostic services to the end-users of the region for a period of 5 years.
  • The department successfully completed 5-year project onNational Surveillance Programme for Aquatic Animal Diseases (Sub Project No. 22: Surveillance of Freshwater Fish and Shellfish Diseases in Tripura, Aquatic Health and Environment).
  • Total grant received from the external agencies (DBT, DST, NFDB and ICAR) in the form of projects (excluding the FAB-COE project by DBT): Rs.441.862 Lacks.
  • The department has published 64peer-reviewed research articles with a total JCR impact factor of 96.484, NAAS rating of 361.73 and a total citation of 497 as on May, 2020.
  • Total Number of Technology Developed: 5

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