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Anti-Ragging Cell:

As per the ‘UGC Regulations on curbing the menace of ragging in higher educational institutions, 2009’, the College has made requisite arrangements.
The following are key measures taken by:

1. Different anti – ragging committees have been constituted as per UGC regulations. Anti Ragging Committee headed is by the Dean of the College. Anti ragging Squads has a been constituted for patrolling/visiting on regular basis. Anti Ragging Cell comprising Dean of the College, wardens of hostels and officer in charge, Police out post, Lembucherra, Tripura west.

2. During orientation of new entrant 1st year students Dean & faculty members of the college interacts with the students and sensitize that if any case of ragging is noticed against fresher students, serious action would be initiated against offenders as per rules.

3. Anti-Ragging Squads had been constituted, committee members were engaged for patrolling 24 hrs., from the beginning of new academic session in both Girls’ and Boys’ hostel continued up to to curb any possibilities of ragging.

4. Contact number of all the faculty and senior staff members of the college were widely displayed in different places of the campus including hostels so as to ensure the ragging free in the college.

5. Anti Ragging posters have been widely displayed in the college campus/ Boys’ and Girls’ hostel.

6. Head of the college nominated teachers as advisors for each and every students of the college to advise, guide and sensitize regarding academic as well as menace of ragging from time to time.
7. Newly admitted students are accommodated in separate wings of the hostel with proper security arrangement etc.

8. Obtained affidavits/undertaking against ragging from all the students and parents as per UGC regulations.

Note: It is our pleasure to inform that no incidence of ragging has taken place during the academic session 2018-19 and till date.

Whom to contact:

Dr. Waikom
Incharge Academic