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  College Research Advisory Committee (CRAC):
Brief overview :

The College Research Advisory Committee (CRAC) is one of the central units of the college which plays a pivotal role in coordination of all research activities of the college so as to effectively contribute to the Research mandate of the Central Agricultural university (CAU), Imphal, viz. “To further the advancement of learning and conducting of research in agriculture and allied sciences”. The Dean, College of Fisheries is the ex officio chairman of CRAC and a faculty of the college not below rank of Associate Professor is designated as Member Secretary. All Heads of the Departments are ex officio members of CRAC. The CRAC identifies thrust research areas and prioritized researchable issues for the college keeping needs and field problems of fish farmers of the region vis-à-vis need of advancement of fisheries and aquaculture science and technology development in specific areas. All the research proposals from the college is required to be routed through CRAC and is forwarded to the Directorate of Research, CAU for funding (Intramural Research Projects) or for forwarding to the funding agencies (Proposals seeking External funding) only after CRAC has satisfied themselves about the adequacy of research proposal in respect of location specific priority research area, expected benefit from the work, title and objectives(s) of the research work, material(s) and methods, financial requirements, etc. After sanction of the project, the CRAC remains engaged with the concerned Principal Investigators in recruitment of manpower, monitoring of implementation and the research progress, submission of annual progress and final reports along with financial statements


  • To review research activities of the Institute and develop broad objectives for research including research proposals to various funding bodies, MOU involved therein, as well as should evaluate the extent to which the research programme has met its objectives.
  • To assist with the development of faculty research programs within the departments and between faculty from our college and other colleges and units of the university, government, and industry.
  • To conduct policy-oriented research to support short- and long-term institutional planning and decision-making.
  • To Design, develop and conduct institutional research activities and undertake a coordinating role in amongst the researcher.