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Department of Fish Genetics and Reproduction (FGR):
Brief overview of the Department:

Department of Fish Genetics and Reproduction of the college has made significant contribution in academic, research and extension activities. At present the department is offering PG degree in two disciplines i.e. Fish Genetics and Breeding since 2013 and Fish Biotechnology since 2019. The department is also involved in UG and Ph.D. teaching (minor courses of other department). The department is also involved in seed production of carp, freshwater prawn and catfishes. To develop entrepreneurship skills and sound practical knowledge among the B.F.Sc students, department also offers Experiential Learning Program (ELP) in the area of seed production of carp, catfish and giant freshwater prawn. To support the academic and research activities, department has got 13 nos. of ponds, 3 cemented tanks, one carp hatchery, one freshwater prawn hatchery, UG and PG labs. The department has completed 07 externally sponsored projects funded by DBT, ICAR, New Delhi, etc. Four externally funded projects are in progress in the dept., including centre of excellence in aquaculture biotechnology (COE-FAB), funded by DBT. The department is well equipped with advanced instruments to carry out high throughput research in the area of biotechnology. The department, through different academic and research activities are involved to cater the needs of the North-Eastern states in terms of qualified human resources, fish genetic resources characterization, growth and reproductive trait enhancement.

Key Achivements of the Department:

  • Offering M.F.Sc. degree in two discipline: Fish Genetics and Breeding, and Fish Biotechnology
  • Five batch (05) comprising 19 students obtained M.F.Sc. degree in Fish Genetics and Breeding
  • Setting up of well-equipped Institutional Biotech Hub Lab, funded by DBT, Govt. of India to carry biotechnological research and training
  • Setting of state of art Centre of Excellence Lab funded by DBT, Govt. of India to carry out advanced research in are of Genetics and Biotechnology
  • DNA barcoding of more than 170 fish species from NE states
  • Establishment of Chinese eco-hatchery, Giant freshwater prawn hatchery & farm facilities for seed production, training, extension and demonstration
  • Successful operation of ELP module (seed production of carp, catfish and giant freshwater prawn) and profit distribution among the students

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