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  Women Cell

Brief overview of the Cell:

College authorities of College of Fisheries, CAU (Imphal) are very sensitive towards safety and overall development of mental and physical health of students and female staff members of the organization. In the above context a Women cell or women development cell was constituted for the girls and women of this organization

The women development cell is working on the following issues:

  • Violence and sexual harassments
  • The safety and security of the Girls students and women staffs of this college.
  • Gender Sensitization
  • Gender Champion
  • Health and Hygiene

College has taken steps appropriately in relation to security, gender sensitization, sexual harassments, health and overall vigilance for safety and security of the girl student, women employees of the institutions. An Awareness Workshop cum seminar was conducted on “Saksham” in College of Fisheries, Lembucherra, Tripura on 5th February 2015 with the students and staff members of the college where in action against sexual harassments and violence against women were discussed.

The following measures will be taken in future in the colleges for ensuring the safety of women and girls and their overall development:

  • Seminar for Health and hygiene related issues
  • Awarenes programme for safety and security in adverse condition
  • Awareness of rules and regulation in relation to women empowerment

Details of "Internal Complaint Committee" in context to Section 4(1) of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention. Prohibition and Redressal) Act. 2013 :

Whom to contact:

Dr. Pampa Bhattacharjee
Incharge Women Cell
Mobile : 9436127216