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  Research Projects

Brief overview :

Since 2003-04 individual faculty members are involved in university funded research projects as well as in external funded projects. From 2007 students are also undertaking research studies as part of their degree programme - research thesis. Major emphasis is on the applied research. However, some basic studies are also being carried out in line with the thrust areas.

Fish Database of North East India:

Click Here to access Fish Database of North East India (Sponsored by Centre of Excellence in Fisheries and Aquaculture Biotechnology (CoE-FAB) Phase II. DBT, GoI )

Thrust Area and Prioritized Researchable Issues :
Thrust Area No.1 :

Fish & fisheries resource assessment, conservation and utilization.

Prioritized Researchable Issues :
  1. Taxonomic confirmation of the fish species applying classical and modern tools.
  2. Food and feeding biology of economic important species of NE region.
  3. Improvement of fish stock and reproductive performance through biotechnological tools.
Thrust Area No.2 :

Technology development and intervention for sustainable production enhancement.

Prioritized Researchable Issues :
  1. Growth profiling of Pengba (Osteobrama belangeri) w.r.t. stocking density and water column depth .
  2. Evaluation of polyculture of Pabda (Ompok bimaculatus) and Pengba (O. belangeri) .
  3. Development of effective and efficient larval and grow-out diet for pabda .
  4. Domestication and standardization of brood development/seed production of alternative aquaculture food and ornamental fish species.
  5. Improvisation of in-pond low-cost fish seed hatchery.
  6. Effect of environmental contaminants / extremes on cultured aquatic animals and their remedies.
  7. Immunological and microbiological interventions for fish health and environmental management / development and evaluation of aqua-medicines.
Thrust Area No.3 :

Technology refinement for postharvest loss reduction and value addition .

Prioritized Researchable Issues :
  1. Valorization of fish processing waste to reduce biological pollutants .
  2. Standardization of fermented fish products technology with special emphasis on the safety issues and simplification for the small scale commercial units .
Thrust Area No.4 :

Livelihood empowerment and development of marketing strategies for fishers.

Prioritized Researchable Issues :
  1. Assessment of socioeconomic parameters, social issues including migration, livelihood security and effectiveness/impact of capacity building programme.
  2. Income, Total factor productivity analysis fish production and fish marketing .
  3. Technology adoption and yield gap of fish farmers and associated factors.
  4. Study on Convergence mechanism Linkage among different stake holders of Fisheries. Communication behavior of fish farmers and fishermen.
  5. . Applications of ICTs and databases in fisheries development of North East region.
Details of projects done/undergoing at COF Tripura , please click on the links below to know more about the following: